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Local, State and Federal Prisons systems are all faced with aging prison assets that are in need of repair or replacement. Making good repair, replace or refurbish decisions is difficult to do without the right information regarding the history of an asset such as the date purchased, number of work orders, detail of work done and the cause of the work request. Collecting the right information can be done with EAMCMMS software.
Asset management allows prison owners to load asset information such as description, location, division, classification, date purchased, cost, and vendor information to better equip the staff with the knowledge of maintenance history on every asset.
Document management allows prison and jail facility owners and operators to access important documentation regarding warranties, contracts, prison liability forms, etc. all via the web eliminating the paper and pencil system.
Prison and Jail asset and maintenance managers can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets and activities such as inmate holding cells, recreational yards, plumbing and fixtures, and laundry.

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Discover how prisons can protect their assets with an EAM CMMS and make sure facilities are up to code with proper document management.

Don't let prisoners escape because of asset failures