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Behind the scenes of almost any park are Private, County, State or Federal park managers who have been entrusted to keep parks and recreation areas safe and beautiful. A park can be a small community ballpark to a national reserve. Each park has unique needs to service park guests. One thing in common for all parks is the need to perform maintenance on park assets. Doing maintenance, whether it is preventive or repair, helps to keep parks safe as well as extend the useful life of assets.
Parks and park systems can be huge geographically and spread out over multiple locations. It is important to keep track of each location and its associated assets for consumer use and safety.
Document management allows for park owners and operators to have a record of contracts, warranties, and blueprints of all of their parks and assets. Owners and operators can see deadlines for park openings, contract details, and warranty expiration dates.
Parks and Recreation asset and maintenance managers can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets and activities such as field light switches, playground equipment, ball field care, and tennis courts.

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Discover how parks and public areas can benefit from an EAM CMMS system to keep public assets in check. operational for customers, and efficient for communities.

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