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Work Order Management

Proactive maintenance can save a company between 12-18% overall using CMMS software. Effective and efficient work management is a critical part of any maintenance planning. Work Order Management features include a comprehensive dashboard, inspections checklist, preventive maintenance, rounds and proof of presence, and work order and work request.

Work Dashboard

Use the work dashboard to get a management overview of all work orders currently open in your facility.

  • View all open work orders and assign to engineers
  • Access tools to request new work orders
  • View items requiring attention: due now, due in 7 days, or past due

Work Order Types

There are several types of work orders that users can submit. Some of the following include work requests, scheduled round, and unscheduled round. Engineers can identify the right work type at the touch of a button.

Managing the work order lifecycle through automation also reduces paper flow, increases efficiency, and tracks the work history of assets.

Preventive Maintenance

HVAC, F&B, Vehicle, Plumbing, Rooms

Work From Inspection

Follow-up Work Based On Inspection Results

Scheduled Inspection

Life Safety, VGBA Checks, Administrative Tasks

Scheduled Round

Weekly/Monthly Walkthroughs i.e. Ice Machines

Work Request

Burnt Out Lightbulbs, Cosmetic Issues, Walkthrough Discoveries

Unscheduled Rounds

Shift Rounds: Mechanical, Room Check, Pool Readings, Meter Readings

Unscheduled Work

Emergency Work, On-Demand/Ad-Hoc Work

Inspections – Question Types

An inspection is a type of work order, round or scheduled activity that is to be completed on an asset.

There are 12 question types that can be assigned to an inspection for user completion.

Single Select

Work from Inspection and Notification Email will generate from the weighted answers

Yes or No Format

Simple yes or no style question; WI and Notes will generate

Signature Capture

If using a vendor, a signature can show work has been completed

Text Box

Notes from the field can be entered freely into this box

Attach Photo

Photo option captures damage to an asset or work that has been completed

Date Input

Records when work was completed

File Question

Attach an annual inspection or other paperwork to work completed on an asset

True or False

True or False style question; WI and Notes can be generated

Numeric Field

Record a number or value relating to the asset

Range Question

Enter a value corresponding to a pre-determined numeric range

Multiple Select

Select all answers that may apply to the asset being worked on

“OK” Question

A slide button field, confirming the status or condition of the asset

Work Order Management Blog Posts

Proactive maintenance can save a company between 12-18% overall using CMMS software. Read how businesses are incorporating a CMMS into their business plan.

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