SaaS for Utilities

Apr 11, 2011

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

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This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for preventive maintenance in Utilities.

How Utilities Can Benefit from SaaS Preventive Maintenance Solution

Utility companies require expensive and increasing complex equipment to meet consumer demands. Better managed utilities integrate SaaS preventive maintenance tools to lower reactive maintenance work and increase the percentage of proactive preventive maintenance work done. Increasing the percentage of preventive maintenance has several benefits including potential avoidance of unplanned and catastrophic disaster and fewer price increases.

The utilization of SaaS preventive maintenance tools makes a utility far more likely to discover potential problems like a leaking oil filter on a critical piece of equipment. Shutting down equipment for preventive maintenance of minor parts is far more desirable than waiting until an expensive, crucial piece of machinery has blown up. Often it is the less expensive pieces that requirement maintenance or replacement. Replacing a worn O-ring or leaking oil chamber will reduce reactive maintenance problems and help avoid disasters.

Utility companies face significant barriers when attempting to increase rates for consumers. The use of SaaS preventive maintenance tools have positive impact in the eyes of the consumer and regulatory bodies. Preventative maintenance helps lengthen the life cycle of equipment. The longer equipment can be maintained and not replaced or suffer significant repair cost the less often consumers will be asked to cover the cost of construction.

Stuart Smith

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