There are only so many ways we can describe preventive maintenance, inspections, mobile technology, and work orders in a normal course of conversation. However, sometimes it may be easier to understand impact with a little bit of humor. So without further here are

Was I supposed to check this?

The top ten reasons your ship is struggling to stay afloat (all puns intended)

    1. After the fire, someone says, Oh, those were the fire extinguishers that we were supposed to check routinely.
    2. You think a CMMS is just another darn Country Music Melody Station.
    3. You still think a handheld device is a walkie-talkie.
    4. Your staff didn’t tighten the bolts around the pressure valve because it looked ok.
    5. No one checked the roof for ice dams and now you have a swimming pool on your office.
    6. You only remembered to look at the elevator contracts when you got stuck between floors.
    7. The predictive only maintenance program forgot to take into account Murphy’s Law.
    8. The leaking crack on water collection tower looked just like another dark rust spot.
    9. When you said that you wanted inspections, everyone bought new uniforms.

And the Number One Reason Your Organization Is Struggling To Stay Afloat Is. (drum roll please)

  1. The levy broke because it was put on a replace only list.

So take a good look around your organization, if your facility crew can’t figure out why they are having trouble scheduling emergency repairs or thinks an asset’s lifecycle is the time between repairs then you need to talk to us.

Obviously, I am not comedy writer, but I do have to wonder what people were thinking when a major breakdown occurs that cost a thousand times more to repair/replace than it would have cost to check for leaks or put some oil on the part. If you liked this article you might also like How Remembering Historical Disasters May Save The Future.

Tell us your preventive maintenance humor story.