Tragedies. Malfunctions. Errors. These happen regularly and some can be predicted and others can’t, but it’s all in the preparation. A woman was killed last week in a mall in China when the escalator collapsed under her. Thankfully, she was able to push her child to safety.

Investigators reported that the victim fell into a pit that was created by the sudden collapse of a metal panel at the top of the escalator. Her child was pulled away by three workers who were standing near by at one of the department stores.

According to the Director of the Chinese National Elevator Inspection and Testing Center, the mall workers probably did not receive training on how to manage the escalators because had they known the steps to follow they could have saved the women’s life by pushing the emergency button at the top of the escalator.

Situations like this happen far too often where it is one missed step that causes a tragedy to occur. One simple step from a training program that could’ve saved this woman’s life.


An infrastructure will falter without a proper maintenance plan in place. Whether you are a local mall or a huge corporation, it is nearly impossible to track all the assets making up your infrastructure much less determine the productivity level and their expected life cycle without the use of an EAM system.

An EAM system allows you to track the condition of each asset using a computerized software to see the optimum life cycle or if there are already persistent problems that can be fixed now instead of miles down the road with a hefty bill attached to it. This protects your company as well as your employees and customers.

CMMS, which is the core of any good EAM system, enables maintenance management to schedule work efficiently and effectively. Using a CMMSsolution can ensure that all equipment is scheduled for inspections and generate reports on the results of all work performed.

Top 6 Preventive Maintenance Tasks in Shopping Malls

Proper training was just one missed step in many that could have saved that woman’s life. Below are the top 6 benefits to implementing an EAM system into your shopping mall.

  1. Automation of the work management such as work requests, work orders, rounds and inspections.
  2. Providing scheduling tools for preventive maintenance, repairs and asset replacement to minimize the intrusion on shoppers.
  3. Giving management reports on the location, condition and work history of all assets.
  4. All vendor work is being scheduled and monitored.
  5. All safety equipment is functioning properly.
  6. Parking garages, elevators, and escalators are working and safe.

These tools allow managers to game plan on how to fix a problem before it turns into a disaster and causes harm to employees and customers.