Many hotel maintenance teams feel overworked, stressed and under significant pressure in trying to address the multitude of maintenance problems that pop up every day and week. When hotel maintenance teams are unable to keep up with the workload a backlog of maintenance work starts to pile up.

Hotel Maintenance is Feeling the Heat

Under these conditions it doesn’t take long for inspections to be missed or preventive maintenance to be postponed. Ultimately, hotel maintenance management becomes almost completely a reactive work order operation as the system degenerates to only emergency repairs and replacements.

The operational costs for the hotel soon adds up as increases in labor, repairs and energy costs mount. If the situation is allowed to progress to long, hotel assets stop meeting their expected useful lifecycle and capital budgets skyrocket.

Let a CMMS Rescue Your Hotel Assets

One of the most common tools that hotel maintenance planners have at their disposal is computerized maintenance management software which is more often referred to as a CMMSCMMS systems replace archaic spreadsheets and paper based maintenance operations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel maintenance teams.

Replacing manual processes with CMMS automated work request, work orders, rounds, inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs, have a number of important benefits for hotels such as:

  • The ability to know where every asset is at any given point in time including asset detail such as location, description, purchase date, vendor, serial number, date installed and cost etc.
  • Having maintenance staff be able to do more work with the same amount of resources through automation and CMMS work management features.
  • The recording of all work request and effective scheduling of all hotel maintenance work. This begins to reduce overtime by enabling better hotel maintenance planning.
  • The tracking of all work history on assets including preventive maintenance,
    inspections and repairs. Hotel management will know the condition of assets as well as the cost/benefit to maintenance, repair or replacement maintenance planning.
  • Lower energy costs as well maintained assets require less power to operate.
  • Fewer costly major repairs or capital budget level expenditures as assets last longer.

The ease of use of a CMMS system as well as its ability to make a significant long-term impact (job security) will help persuade even the most outspoken Dragons (people resistant to change) to learn, support and utilize CMMS features

Return control of hotel maintenance to maintenance management and planners today. A proactive maintenance department not only lowers expenses but will also help with revenue retention as guest have fewer complaints making a return visit more likely.