Mintek attended the Hitec Toronto convention two weeks ago in Canada featuring the World’s largest hospitality technology from businesses across the world. Mintek’s purpose is to provide an enterprise solution for company’s assets, documents, and work orders in order to provide visibility for owner’s properties anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the conference, Mintek was offered a tour by Marian Tochev, Assistant DOE (Director of Engineering) of Delta Hotels, to see how their assets are barcoded, how the engineering staff operates using Transcendent, and also to examine the day to day workflow.

The Delta Toronto Hotel started using Transcendent in 2015 and has been implemented in over 26 properties worldwide. Their facility is located directly next to the convention center in downtown Toronto and within walking distance to some of Toronto’s best known attractions, including the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

The back of the house operations, such as maintenance, assets, inspections and work orders are just as important as the front of the house responsibilities including guest experience and satisfaction to ensure each guest has a memorable experience from top to bottom.

This is why implementing an EAM CMMS into your facility is so imperative for property owners today so that your Director of Engineering can keep a close eye on the functionality of your assets, their working order, lifespan, and making sure preventive maintenance is being executed properly and efficiently.

Marian took us through their back of the house operations where we got to interact with the engineers, see how they use the EAM CMMS system, and how efficient the system was with their work orders and work requests.

We got an up close and personal tour of their assets and how they are barcoded enabling engineers to scan in and scan out when they are working on that particular asset. This allows for proof of presence and accurate time logs when engineers are completing a work order or task. This also pulls up the entire history of the asset, and what work has been completed and needs to be completed. This can help with new hires as they can retrieve this information to better assist on future work order requests.

Transcendent allows workers to accurately log their work, save open tasks, create notes, take pictures, and refer to this information later rather than tracking it on a paper-based system. This reduces errors in recording work and allows workers to retrieve documents from past inspections.

Transcendent helps with safety compliance by utilizing lock out tag out procedures. These procedures safeguard workers from hazardous energy releases which protects the employee and employer.

This EAM CMMS system has become a valuable tool in keeping the functionality of their assets at a healthy lifecycle which reduces costs and increases lifespan.

Hotel/Resort CMMS Implementation

Is your resort ready for a tool that will help keep you organized and schedule all your maintenance? If the answer is yes, then a CMMS is the tool for you.

CMMS provides Resort maintenance managers with the ability to:

  1. Establish a knowledge database of all assets, so they know what their assets are, their location and condition
  2. Schedule inspections and maintenance on any asset
  3. Track work results of all work performed
  4. Provide resort management with reports indicating the remaining expected useful life
  5. Understand their maintenance backlog situation and ensure no asset is overlooked
  6. Provide documentation of asset work history that can help mitigate claims from accidents

Keep your front of house and back of house operations on lockdown when it comes to your guest experiences and also your preventive maintenance plan.