This article explains why work management programs as part of a CMMS software solution can significantly reduce labor and operating costs.

Why Work Management Tools are Needed

The highest costs in laundry are labor and utilities. Exceptional laundry operations will try to minimize these expenses by increasing the efficiency of their workforce and ensuring that machines are operating at maximum efficiency,

Labor efficiency is increased by enabling laundry staff to do the maximum amount of work during their shifts. To accomplish this, laundry equipment needs to have maximum uptime as every maintenance call results in idle time for staff.

If both maintenance staff and laundry crews can work efficiently and effectively then operating costs decline. One way to accomplish this is to implement a CMMS solution.

How to Use Work Management Programs

CMMS solution gives management the tools they need to keep maintenance staff organized and on task by providing a work dashboard to help manage the workloads of maintenance staff. For example:

  • By using the work space feature maintenance management can get a snapshot of work in progress including what work is on-time, behind schedule and who it is assigned to as well as read maintenance crew notes. Management reports can provide any additional detail needed.
  • The work calendar feature allows management planning can be done for each individual including the setting of expectations and can be sorted with a number of filters. It also provides the ability to forecast labor needs, daily workload and time cost.
  • By using the work list feature, all work assigned to a specific person or by type of work can be looked at and edited. This includes PMs, work orders, work requests and so on. The work list displays all open, closed and cancelled work types.

CMMS tools also help to provide the automation needed to expedite the work order lifecycle thus maximizing wrench time by minimizing paper work and time spent in the office. Some of the features of a CMMS system that are designed for this include:

  • Computerized work requests and work orders that can be completed using mobile devices.
  • Mobile inspections. Be able to use mobile devices to perform inspections and send results while in the field.
  • Ability to schedule preventive maintenance, repairs and other projects.
  • Rounds scheduling and tracking. Make sure all your laundry equipment is functioning correctly.

It is easy to see that CMMS programs increase efficiency and effectiveness of laundry maintenance staff. When your maintenance staff can do their job well, your equipment problems start to go away as there are fewer emergency repairs.

By having fewer repairs and less reactive maintenance labor costs decrease which flows directly to the bottom line. This also gives more time to perform preventive maintenance ensuring that equipment uptime is optimized.

One of the best benefits of CMMS is that it keeps track of the work history of each asset. This allows laundry asset managers to make better informed repair or replace decisions as well as always know the condition of each asset at any point in time.