David Berger, P. Eng recently wrote an outstanding article “The Best and The Brightest” featured on PlantServices.com. We would like to thank Mr. Berger and add that Mintek has found that along with being a valuable recruitment and HR tool – the use/integration of handheld devices with a CMMS will increase adoption rates, employee skills, and employee retention.

Why will using handheld mobile devices increase adoption rates?

1) Ease of use. Handheld Devices are easy to learn how to use:

  • Employee training – can be done in hours not days or weeks. Thus allowing the employee to use technology, learn a transferable skill and enable them to perform their tasks in an organized and structured setting.
  • Knowledge transfer – handheld devices only shows the worker what they need to know and not overload them with information. This is important because the employee is not required to learn all of the system at once.
  • Incentive programs – management can use the learning of the higher functions of the system as an incentive to inspire management candidates. For instance, passing a system knowledge exam may be a requirement for qualifying as a manager.

2) Adoption Rates for CMMS have generally not exceeded 50%. The use of mobile devices will continue to positively impact adoption rates. Their acceptance has helped make the use of mobile devices a required skill which results in advantages for both the employer and employee. Some advantages include:

  • Efficiencies – employers gain an advantage as a result of the efficiencies derived from adjusting from a paper based to computer based management software such as increased work flow, preventative maintenance programs and the optimization of inspection programs.
  • Standardization – the implementation of such systems results in a standardization of the business process for greater continuity throughout locations.
  • Transferable skill sets – Employees gain transferable skills using technology and greater job satisfaction in addition to a potential career path.

Mr Berger’s Article demonstrated a Human Resource perspective of proper hiring and training guidelines as well as setting expectations for technology positions. Mr. Berger also points out that with so many indicators reflecting a success rate at implementing CMMS systems at approximately 50%, it’s clear that there is much room for improvement. We at Mintek believe the number can be increased significantly by the use of handheld devices and our customers are living proof.