This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution for Government Property Management.

How Government Property Management Works With an EAM

Executive Order 13327 signed by Former George W Bush in 2004 places responsibility on Senior Real Property Officers to establish appropriate performance measures for repairing, maintaining, operating, managing federal real property. These measures are to include life-cycle cost estimations and the enhancement of Federal agency productivity.

“Federal real property is defined as any real property owned, leased, or otherwise managed by the Federal Government, both within and outside the United States, and improvements on Federal lands”
Source: U.S. General Services Administration

The challenge for Federal Property Managers is how to institute the appropriate controls across multiple facilities of different ages, conditions and needs.

How an Enterprise Asset
Management System Helps

EAM features include asset management for tracking all assets from inception to replacement/retirement. Each asset’s maintenance and repair history as well as other detailed information such as contract/vendor detail is tracked. Combined with a CMMS core of work order management, inspections and preventive maintenance features, maintenance and operations becomes more efficient, less labor intensive and ultimately extends the expected lifecycle through better care.

Integrating Handheld Technologies

The integration of sophisticated yet user friendly handheld technology provides additional benefits for property managers. EAM handheldfeatures allows property management staff to complete their work on a handheld device with a built in scanner. Repair, inspection and maintenance data are all collected and stored without paper, clipboards or dry erase boards. All information is then available online and can be printed if required.