No wires. No separate computer. A world of fantasy and reality combined into a small pair of goggles that allows you to interact with 3-D objects right in front of you. The HoloLens is considered the world’s brightest, highest-quality projector, except that it’s projecting onto your eyes instead of a wall. There is currently no lag in the images and consumers can directly interact with the hologram by touching, pinching, and pulling it allowing the digital world and your physical surroundings to be in the same reality at the same time.

Advances in the Industrial World

Currently major enterprises are still using paper diagrams to showcase new projects and to help workers understand the lay of the land. Now, with the ability to see images in 3-D and interact with them, this brings a whole new meaning to building new designs and creating helpful guides for new employees. The HoloLens allows for quick interaction, and architects, for example, have higher confidence when creating and building designs, which makes the decision process faster and more efficient. Also, by seeing these 3-D images come to life and sending them to a 3-D printer, this could bring forth new product innovation.

The HoloLens creates a real environment for workers, which creates a more realistic feel of how a project will look in real time. Also, when building out projects, you can see potential barriers that could arise and find solutions more quickly. There is also the ability for collaboration allowing workers to interact on a single project while in different states, countries, etc. and implement changes and show your workers just by the tap of your finger or voice command. For companies that use third party vendors, this will be extremely useful to show changes, get answers quickly, and implement more efficiently for their clients and also their business.

In terms of training new employees, this kind of display, that is not restricted to a computer monitor, will allow for more creative freedom in how companies create applications to view and interact with information; training seminars can be more aesthetically pleasing triggering different parts of the brain and allowing people with multiple learning patterns to contribute more.

These are just a few of the ways that major Industrial companies will benefit but there are also significant changes and improvements on the horizon for small and large corporations.

5 Ways that the Hololens is Crucial for Business Production

  1. Remote Connection – The ability to bring in remote video feeds from cameras or drones that are in your business, and it has the ability to message you anytime without being near a computer or phone. Talk about efficiency…HoloLens also has the potential to seamlessly streamline workflow completely and increase communication 100%. Great for your work life not so much for your personal one
  2. Create More Skilled Labor – HoloLens will be able to make the “greenest” employee appear polished by feeding step-by-step instructions. Workers will be able to see 3-D steps to follow and complete their work and parts not within their field can be completed by another worker through the sharing capability
  3. Eliminate Unnecessary Management – HoloLens can change the way the business hierarchy is run. Once you create a digital instruction set for your employees, you no longer have to babysit your staff to see what is getting accomplished. HoloLens allows for tracking in real-time allowing your managers to be connected to progress on projects at all times
  4. Accessibility – The ability to see the equipment you are working on and obtaining information on certain products through serial numbers and projecting that information onto separate holograms
  5. Spatial Capacity- Elements of the HoloLens are being worked on to create: spatial mapping, spatial audio, gaze, gesture, voice recognition, and the ability to anchor holographic objects to specific locations in the real world

What will make the HoloLens Better?

With every great invention or idea, there tend to be setbacks, or I like to call them “learning points.” Based on the prototypes at the latest Microsoft Build Developer Conference, users mentioned some setbacks that need to be addressed to really push this product into business use.

  1. Automated Gestures – Automated gestures are not configured yet and action can only take place by air taps or voice command
  2. Visibility – Images only appear real and attainable within the large box in front of you; if the image is larger than the box it drops off completely ruining the illusion
  3. Functionality – The HoloLens will need to be smaller for men on job sites or even walking around the office
  4. Battery life – Battery life is a huge concern for high volume projects and practical applications in businesses
  5. Internet Connection – Internet must be established on all devices enabling full functionality and daily use
EAM and the HoloLens

Through EAM, companies can protect their assets using a CMMS, increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, and reduce energy consumption just by having the right software in place. As I have mentioned before, a system is only as good as the parts that make it up. Once your EAM system is in place, HoloLens will compliment it by showing 3-D projections of your company’s assets and room for growth. Employees will be able to identify changes needed to be made to increase revenue and efficiency. The future can be a scary thing, but we can either choose to embrace it or run from it. I say run with it.