This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution for Deep Sea Ocean Mining.

Managing Deep Sea Ocean Mining Equipment

Mining for precious minerals and resources has been exclusive to land and shallow waters since the dawn of mankind. As populations grow, and resources become scarce, countries are looking to remaining 2/3 of the earth to find needed resources. As a result new technology is just beginning to allow for deep sea mining.

“We are on the brink of the era of deep ocean mining, advances in marine geology and deep ocean technology have combined to make it realistic to go more than two kilometers underwater for gold and other mineral treasures”Source: Dr. Steven Scott, University of Toronto

The key challenge has been developing the technology to extract the ore. Most companies have started by utilizing existing technology developed by oil companies for deep water drilling.

The Future of Ocean Mining

Although there are many international legal and environmental issues to be overcome, many scientist and engineers envision an enormous vessel, capable of operating non-stop for months at a time and scooping up millions of tons of nodules or other minerals per year. Minerals would either be refined on board or be transferred to bulk carriers, which would shuttle between mining ships and shore processing plants. In either scenario the operations will be sensitive to the required energy and capital costs as processing is the most costly phase with energy consumption the most controllable input.

An EAM is more than just Asset Management

Using Transcendent as a solution will do more than just schedule work orders, preventive maintenance and inspections. An EAM looks at the entire process from initial planning, designed use, installation, training, operations, maintenance and eventual retirement/replacement. Asset life-cycles, energy efficiency as well as maintenance repairs and operational costs can all be managed more effectively. In addition, the integration of durable handheld devices makes mining management easier, greener and more efficient.