Comcast’s MachineQ and Neptune Collaborate on IoT Solution

Jun 21, 2018

Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter

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Comcast’s Internet of Things (IoT) service, machineQ , and water technology company, Neptune Technology Group, announced June 11th that they have collaborated on an IoT solutions designed to accelerate Smart City projects focused on advanced water metering and infrastructure (AMI).

The solution combines machineQ’s LoRaWAN network and connectivity platform, with Neptune LoRa – enabled water meters and sensors, to offer water utilities and municipalities a new connectivity option to maximize their workforce and gather data about their infrastructure.

According to Alex Khorram, GM of machineQ Cities and municipalities are no longer delaying their Smart City programs based on the promise of future network technologies because they see the tremendous cost savings and efficiencies they can realize today from a broad range of existing IoT solutions, from trusted providers like Neptune, that are capable of leveraging the machineQ cloud-based IoT network and platform services.

Khorram ended his statement saying that his IoT solution will enable them to focus their resources on delivering the best service possible to their end customers.

The machineQ and Neptune solution enables utilities and municipalities to make the leap from manual meter monitoring systems that require employees to visit hard to reach areas where water infrastructure is located, which also increases the risk of injury for their employees, to an advanced system that wirelessly sends data to the cloud and cab be monitored remotely.

This solution will enable budget-conscious cities and utilities to redeploy employee resources to maximize their talents and harness the IoT data collected to deliver water to residential and commercial customers more efficiently.

Western Municipal Water District in Riverside, California, is also deploying Neptune’s R900 technology combined with the machineQ network. It’s designed to provide us with the meter data we require to effectively manage our system without having to install or maintain the network, allowing our people to focus on their day to day critical functions, said Kevin Mascaro, Director of Finance.

As mentioned in the Future of Engineering and Technology blog facilities and companies are integrating IoT solutions in many facets to be able to deliver better quality results and products to their customers. This allows workers to focus on other projects while increasing their safety on the job, and it provides the most accurate data possible to the consumer.

Kelly Potter

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