Users & Sites

Transcendent gives facility owners the ability to denote where assets are located on site (virtual and physical) and allows owners to customize roles for users limiting which information can be viewed and/or edited by different users, such as work requestors, vendors, and clients.

User CapabilitiesĀ 

  • Customizable Roles – Determine which functions users can have access to inside software
  • VisibilityĀ – The ability to see what work can be completed at a specific site ID
  • User Security – Ability to integrate with customer single sign-in solution

User Roles

  • System Administrator
  • Enterprise Administrator
  • Regional Administrator
  • Site Manager
  • Site User
  • Work Requester


Sites denote where assets are located physically or virtually.

Location – Physical

Each asset is assigned a location ID allowing users the ability to track and maintain assets by specific location on the property ( i.e. view asset details in asset tree to see status based on location)

Location – Virtual

Digital methods for inventory visibility not tied to a physical place. ( i.e. generic locations for items marked for return to manufacturer on the warehouse floor that have been been put away or labeled for packaging & shipping)