Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation is broken down into four areas that clients can utilize when implementing Transcendent into their facility or warehouse. Clients can partake in the learning center, enterprise consultation, on-site training, and website training.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a one stop shop portal where users and managers can go to learn all about Transcendent. Depending on your role with Transcendent, you will experience customized learning paths containing a multitude of teaching lessons in both video and document formats.

Items included in the learning center:

  • Learning Plans – Based on role/user permission level
  • Courses – Work topics available based on your plan
  • Videos – Over 60 narrated video tutorials

Enterprise Consultation

Join us at Transcendent Headquarters and we will show you how to setup and manage all your corporate standards and initiatives to make Transcendent a completely unique system that matches your needs.

On-Site Training

Once the preparations are complete and the system is setup, we will travel to your property to show the end users how to work with the Transcendent system.

We will teach them how to manage the system from the computer terminals and also work with the mobile engineers to show them how to use our mobile applications with a hands-on experience that is sure to answer all their questions.

Website Training

Transcendent provides trainings across the internet via a series of personalized webinars. Clients can join these video calls from their office or home to understand the system properly to utilize in their facility.