SaaS vs. Hosted

Transcendent is both a SaaS and Hosted solution.There are benefits to both types of solutions based on your business model and how your facility operates. Transcendent makes it easy with their world-class applications to implement into your facility no matter which solution you choose.

SaaS (Software as a Solution)

Software as a Solution (SaaS) provides access to software via the internet. With a SaaS model, customers can tap in and subscribe to our anytime, anywhere software built on a world-class infrastructure.

Benefits of SaaS

  • Rapid deployment due to lack of installation required
  • Access to comprehensive security, backup and support services
  • Reduced upfront investment
  • System upgrades are automatically installed
  • Subscription based
  • Implementation & Training


Hosted refers to software that is installed, hosted, and accessed entirely from a remote server or location.

Benefits of Hosted

  • On-premise hosting
  • Customization
  • Implementation & Training
  • IT personnel
  • Maintenance & Support