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ROI Calculators

Hotel ROI Calculator

How much does your hotel maintenance cost?

Yelp Negative Review Calculator

How are customers rating you?

One Sheets

Asset Management Software

How does your facility keep track of its assets?

Expenditures Module

How is the budget allocated across your facility?

Return on Investment

Facility ROI by implementing an asset management system.

Inventory Management

Benefits of acquiring an inventory management solution.

Inventory Replenishment

What is inventory replenishment and how does it affect your warehouse?

Order Management

What can order management do for your operations?

Retail Inventory Visibility Software

Forward and reverse logistics management in the retail space.


14 Ways LEDS Save Facilities Money

14 ways LEDs can increase energy savings with an EAM CMMS.

15 Ways to Increase Energy Savings

Increase energy savings with 15 tips.

25 Ways Document Management Saves Money

How much does filing cost you?

42 ROI Statistics for an EAM CMMS

42 ROI statistics from implementing an EAM CMMS.

CMMS as a Knowledge Management Tool

Why use checklists for knowledge transfer?

How will IoT Affect Your Business?

How will IoT technology affect your facility?

Future of Engineering & Maintenance

How is future technology disrupting the maintenance industry?


Operate Your Hotel from Your Phone

Future of Engineering – NFMT 2017

CMMS as a Knowledge Management Tool – NFMT 2016

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