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We pride ourselves in providing the hospitality industry’s most robust asset management, preventive maintenance, and capital planning solution, and we want to serve more customers like you. We invite you to spread the word and help others better manage their assets anytime, anywhere. 

For each hotel you refer to Transcendent that signs up:

You get 1 free month

Your referral gets 1 free month

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    Referring multiple hotels?

    Accrue your discounts and earn up to 3 months free per hotel.

    Have multiple hotels using us already?

    Apply your discounts across your portfolio for BIG savings.

    Other hotels in your portfolio missing out?

    The discounts even apply when you refer us to hotels in your own company that aren’t yet using Transcendent!

      How It Works:

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      Wait for your rewards!

      If your referral(s) qualifies for the referral program and signs up, we will apply your rewards to your next renewal. We will update you with an email if you have earned rewards due to a qualifying referral signing up.

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      Please contact us at referrals@transcendent.ai if you have questions that aren’t answered below.

        Who is eligible to refer new customers and earn referral rewards?

        You must be an employee of a current Transcendent customer to earn rewards for referrals.

        What type of business should I refer?

        Our product is best suited for hotel management companies and hotel ownership groups with multiple properties in their portfolio. Individual hotels can be referred as well.

        How does a referral qualify for the Transcendent referral program?

        The referral qualifies if the referred person (1) is not a current Transcendent customer, (2) has not contacted Transcendent in the last 90 days, and (3) signs up within 120 days of you or someone at your company submitting the referral.

        Who in the company should I refer you to?

        Engineering decision-makers and influencers, such as the VP/Director of Engineering, VP/Director of Facilities, CIO, COO, or CEO.

        Who from Transcendent will contact my referral, and when?

        A Transcendent representative will make the initial attempt to contact within 24 hours.

        How can I check the status of my referral and reward?

        We will notify you to confirm we received your referral and whether you qualify for the incentive, and then again if your referral signs up or is disqualified. You may also email us at referrals@transcendent.ai at any time.

        When and how will I receive my rewards?

        If your referral(s) signs up and qualifies for the referral program, we will apply your rewards to your hotel’s next renewal.

        I received a discount but am above-property / not associated with one particular hotel. Which hotel(s) does my discount apply to?

        You will have the option to choose, if you wish, although by default Transcendent will apply the discounts to your hotels in order from largest/most expensive to smallest/least expensive. This means more savings for you!

        How many referrals can I make and what is the maximum number of rewards I can receive?

        Each individual hotel may accrue up to a maximum of 3 months free per year, but Transcendent customers that have multiple hotels may apply the discounts across many hotels in their portfolio (as long as they are current Transcendent customers).

        Terms & Conditions

        To qualify for a referral reward, the referred person (i) must be employed by a company that is not currently a customer of Transcendent, (ii) must not have contacted Transcendent or been contacted by Transcendent in the past 90 days, and (iii) must sign a contract with Transcendent within 120 days of you or someone at your company submitting the referral. For each hotel referred to Transcendent that qualifies under the aforementioned criteria, the referring customer will receive one month of Transcendent free and this discount will be applied the referring customer’s next renewal. Each hotel can earn up to a maximum of 3 months free per renewal, however, referring customers may accrue the discounts across multiple hotels in their Transcendent instance, provided those hotels are current customers of Transcendent.

        If two Transcendent customers refer the same customer, hotel, or person to Transcendent, it is at the Transcendent’s sole discretion as to who receives the reward. 

        Only current customers of Transcendent are eligible to receive referral rewards through this program.

        Any abuse of this offer, as determined by us in our sole discretion, may result in the rescission of all discounts offered to both the referring customer and the referred person as well as both parties’ inability to participate in this or future promotions. Referral rewards cannot be applied to previous purchases and is not redeemable for cash or discounts.

        Transcendent may prohibit anyone from participating in the referral program or receiving rewards if they determine such person is attempting to undermine the fairness, integrity or legitimate operation of the program in any way by cheating, hacking, deception, or any other unfair playing practices of intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other Transcendent customers or representatives of Transcendent.

        This referral program is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to disqualify any person at any time from participation in the referral program if he/she does not comply with any of these terms and conditions. Transcendent’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

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