Mobile Device & Barcode Scanning

Transcendent®, turn-key solutions developer for the telecommunications, lodging, and public utility industries provides access to customer, employee, and asset information beyond the traditional office. Our mobile applications allow users to scan assets for information on replenishment, life-span, maintenance and more.


Enhanced Work List

Manage your assigned and unassigned work list with a quick roll and easy tap of a button.

Work Filtering

Apply multiple filters to search through the work list including date, status, and work type.

Safety Procedures

Combines all individual safety notes and general guidelines in one place including lockout tagout procedures.

Work Request

Work Request List

View all submitted work requests and their current status on one screen.

Add a Work Request

Create a new work request with the click of a button and add description details and photos for reference.

Scanning an Asset

Create a work request on any asset by scanning the barcode or searching by description.


Transcendent Inventory

View the Inventory home screen to see options for shipping, receiving, billing, reconcile, and more.


View shipping list to track your inventory with a scan of the barcode.


The receive list shows status, to location, watchlist and scan address options for the customer(s).

Mobility Blog Posts

Read how industries are incorporating mobility into their facilities in order to track inventory and perform work order and work requests.