Why is Knowledge Transfer Important?

When an employee leaves a company, 70% of their knowledge walks out the door with them. Don’t let knowledge walk out your door store it with a CMMS system.

Why Use Checklists for Knowledge Transfer?

Intellectual Capital

Preserve the intellectual capital of the organization (Concept mapping & documentation)


Create more flexibility in the workforce (Processes & procedures)

Employee Skill Set

Provide employees with a wider diversity of skills (Training, mentoring, & coaching)

Mobilizing Your Checklists

Performing Inspections

Employees feel accountable for performing inspections because there is written record

Set of Questions/Rules

Workers feel organized when provided guidelines on inspections

Extend Equipment Life

Implementing a preventive maintenance checklist extends equipment life by 25%

Reduce Errors

Mobilizing checklists can reduce written error and ensures consistency

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How Important is Knowledge Transfer to You?

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