50 Billion Machines Will Be Connected on the Internet by 2020

How are you implementing IoT practices into your facility? Find out how EAM tools can help prepare your facility for the future and protect your assets.

Internet of Things and Business

IoT in North America

36% of companies in North America had IoT initiatives in 2015.

Economic Growth

IoT will have a total economic impact of $11 trillion per year by 2025.

Industrial Data Growth

2X industrial data growth by 2025.

Internet of Things and Maintenance

Energy Consumption

Smart building metering shows that energy monitoring technologies can help reduce energy consumption by 5-15%

Energy Savings

Energy savings are about 2-4% for each one degree difference in thermostat settings within a 24-hour period

Meter Savings

Each meter on property costs $240/year to track manually

Streamline Your Facility


Managers have instant access to key data needed to assess the efficiency of their facility’s operations.

Enterprise Access

Technicians can access and track their entire portfolio even if locations are hundreds of miles apart.


Transcendent speaks 20 languages and currently services 70+ countries enabling your maintenance staff to use the same tools as their counterparts.


Connect anywhere with a network connection capturing data and producing work orders.

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