34% of Facilities are Spending 30+Hours/Week on Scheduled Maintenance

Let Transcendent help your facility implement a preventive maintenance solution to assist with scheduled & unscheduled maintenance.

Top 6 Reasons to Implement a Maintenance Management System

Preventive vs. Reactive Maintenance

A company can save between 12-18% using preventive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance.

Dollars Saved

Every dollar spent on preventive maintenance will save you five dollars on other expenses.

HVAC Maintenance

Facilities implementing proper HVAC maintenance will use 15-20% less energy.

Data Entry

Well-trained data entry operators usually make an error once every 300 strokes.

Energy Savings

Maintenance done on A/C units every six months will produce more than 50% in energy savings.


38% of hotel tasks assigned are for the maintenance team to complete.

Streamline Your Facility


Managers have instant access to key data needed to assess the efficiency of their facility’s operations.

Enterprise Access

Technicians can access and track their entire portfolio even if locations are hundreds of miles apart.


Transcendent speaks 20 languages and currently services 70+ countries enabling your maintenance staff to use the same tools as their counterparts.


Connect anywhere with a network connection capturing data and producing work orders.

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