80% of Employees Waste an Average of 30 mins/day Retrieving Information

Stop your staff from spending more time looking for documentation than reading it with better EAM tools.

How Much is Paper Costing You?

Lost Documents

Large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds.

Paper Trail

There are over four trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone – growing at a rate of 22% per year.

Document Challenges

Document challenges are robbing organizations of 21.3% of their overall staff productivity.

Go Green with Your Documents

Add A Document

Filing costs an average of $20/document. Organize documents by creating folders for blueprints, contracts, and warranties.

Document Tree

Workers spend 5-15% reading information but up to 50% looking for it. Reduce document search time using a document tree.

Document Linking

18 minutes is the average time a worker searches for a document. Reduce paper trails by linking any document to any asset.

Document Viewing & Details

Customize document views to retrieve necessary documents in a timely manner on any asset.

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