Transcendent gives facilities the ability to track assets on their property by location, enabling users to see the lifecycle, status, and additional details of each asset on their dashboard. Transcendent can also track locations inside warehouses whether they are physical assets or virtual buckets.

Location – Facilities

Each asset is assigned a location ID allowing users the ability to track and maintain assets by specific location on the property.
  • Asset tree to filter locations
  • Locate assets by Location ID
  • View asset details and status based on location

Location – Warehouses

With Transcendent, the management of locations makes inventory visible at the detail level you desire. Locations can be a generic designator for a portion of your warehouse, or as specific as a row/bin indentifer.
  • Physical Locations – Internal locations that are part of the warehouse for which you are the owner. They can be the loading and unloading area of your warehouse i.e. shelf, row, or bin
  • Virtual Locations – Digital methods for inventory visibility not tied to a physical place. I.E. Generic locations for items marked for return to the manufacturer on the warehouse floor but have not been put away for packaging & shipping