Peter Drucker is famous for quoting “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” To paraphrase, you cannot manage your inventory if you cannot see your inventory. The Transcendent Inventory Module provides visibility at all points within the supply chain and allows customers and manufacturers to be on the same page.

Inventory Visibility

Track your inventory by:

  • Site (physical address)
  • Status (workflow)
  • Location (row/bin)

Inventory visibility allows for updates to secondary systems through its integration engine, including:

  • Financial & billing
  • Network management & reporting



Inventory Transactions

Inventory transactions are used to track the quantities and movements of inventory items. Transcendent supports multiples types for customer needs. Transactions are available via the web user interface, mobile, and a web service layer.

  • Primary transactions – shipping, receiving, updating, allocating, and inventory adjustments
  • Reconciliation transactions – audits, cycle counts, and automated inventory adjustment transactions
  • Inquiry transactions – inventory levels, inventory history, in-transit, and synchronized accuracy between secondary systems


Inventory Replenishment

Replenishment, or the restocking of inventory based on usage, is another powerful feature of the Transcendent solution. This module facilitates the automated creation of replenishment orders based on usage.

  • Replenishment orders are prioritized by the date inventory is needed and evaluated for accuracy
  • A pick list is generated for disposition by the warehouse
  • Changes to the restocking levels needed are updated through the real-time evaluation process


Inventory Order Management

Inventory order management allows for the automated submissions of orders from external systems or through the web user interface.

Order Management allows external departments to request inventory from your warehouses and ensures the pick, pack, and ship process is followed.

Integration with shippers ensures the accurate creation of the following:

  • Shipping labels & BOMs
  • Shipping notifications & shipment tracking
  • Automated disposition of inventory when received by the destination

Inventory visibility will not allow orders to process below stock quantities and reorder reports are available for generation of a purchase order.

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