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Interfaces & Integrations

The Interfaces & Integrations module showcases the variety of ways customers can access their asset and inventory data via the web, mobile, and web APIs. We’ve also listed the companies who currently use our web APIs.



Customers access the web to view/complete the following on their assets.

  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Edit/update asset details
  • Add and manage assets


Engineers and warehouse vendors can access the mobile app to complete the following on their assets and inventory orders.

  • Create a work request
  • Submit a work request
  • Scan a barcode
  • Location tracking of inventory


API specifies how software components interact, so we’ve made it easy for Transcendent to talk to your systems to allow users an easy user experience when getting into our web and mobile applications.


Shipping Integration

Software Integration

Warehouse Operations

Customer Relationship Management

Interfaces & Integrations Blog Posts

Read how customers can access inventory and asset information through their interfaces and integrations systems.