Waste Water

Waste water can be produced by a number of industries including water treatment plants, manufacturing, food processing, nuclear plants and mining. The effective treatment of waste water before it is returned to the ground or consumption is important to avoid ecological disasters. The treatment for waste water is highly dependent on the type of contaminants and is very asset intensive. Waste water treatment effectiveness requires a lot of energy making maintenance on waste water assets of high importance. Poorly maintained equipment will use more energy resulting in higher costs.

Wastewater facilities can benefit from asset management by reducing unplanned repairs, lower wastewater plant energy costs, minimize labor costs, and reduce outstanding work order backlog.

Document management can keep track of legionella documents, warranties, contracts, and other documentation to protect its assets and employees. Documents can be accessed via the web and managers have the ability to add, edit, or remove any said documents.

Waste Water asset and maintenance managers can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets and activities such as filter inspection, oil and water separators, lagoons, incinerators, and distillation equipment.

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Discover how waste water companies are protecting their facilities from legionnaires disease with a proper EAM CMMS solution.

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