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Transportation comes in many forms ranging from bicycles to jet aircraft to cargo ships. Each type of fleet has a different set of maintenance needs. The one need all fleets have in common is preventive maintenance and repairs. Maintenance may be just an oil change or the replacement of parts due to corrosion or an accident. Without proper maintenance, assets will eventually have parts that fail causing logistic bottlenecks or missed revenue opportunities to move people or products. Great maintenance documentation will also help mitigate accident liability claims of negligence.

Fleet managers can keep track of all assets including their location, description, and condition with an EAM system. This information allows managers to perform two critical functions: generating inspection checklists and scheduling repair or preventive maintenance on fleet assets.

Keep track of fuel costs, contracts on vehicles, warranties on vehicles, and expenses in the document management module on the Transcendent platform. Owners can access these files and add, view, and edit at anytime giving permissions to engineers and users.

Automating the work management process has other benefits too including, more efficient fuel consumption, longer lasting transportation vehicles, lower unplanned maintenance costs and better capital analysis tools.

Transportation & Fleet Blog Posts

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