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Universities, colleges, and K-12 schools have all faced severe cutbacks over the last few years forcing asset and maintenance managers to try and figure out how to do more with fewer resources. Campus maintenance may be the result of students, weather, natural wear and tear, asset failure or neglect. Keeping the campus safe, attractive, and in good condition, while lowering the need for unexpected capital repairs/replacement can be done with the help of EAMCMMS software.
Even small schools and universities have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets, so isn’t it imperative to know the condition of them all? Officials can assign location names to assets and drill down into each location with subgroups that help identify the work being performed.
Document management helps school and university officials keep all legal documentation in one place as well as contracts, warranties, legality forms, etc. in one housing unit on the Transcendent dashboard. Officials can view, edit, and add documents to any asset at any time.
Work order management allows school and university officials the tools to organize and automate much of the work order lifecycle including work requests, work orders, and scheduling of preventive maintenance. These could be on activities such as lighting, sports facilities, plumbing and fixtures, and classroom equipment.

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