Typical property management is responsible for the sales and operations of commercial properties such as office buildings, condos, or an apartment complex. Part of their function is to ensure that the property is receiving proper maintenance to ensure that tenants stay and that the assets do not depreciate too quickly. Maintenance concerns may be tenant caused or result from normal wear and tear. Handling work requests can be through the use of vendors, maintenance staff or both.

Property management owners can track maintenance history to identify repair patterns, causes, and solutions. Asset management keeps an up to date log on all asset information including asset ID, description, location, and safety notes.

Property owners can use document management for blueprints, contracts, floor plans, and warranties on their assets and access them through the online portal and eliminate paper documents.

Work order management allows property engineers to schedule preventive maintenance to reduce reactive work requests. The ability to track and perform work on a mobile device keeps labor costs low and allows engineers to complete their tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Our preventive maintenance solution provides a capital planning budget module that can be used to project replacement timeframes and allocate budget where it’s needed in the present and for future projects.

Commercial Property Management Blog Posts

Read how property management facilities are incorporating asset management and work order management into their buildings to increase the longevity of their assets and increase ROI.

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