Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry is the heart of our Nation’s economy. A steady supply of oil and gas is critical to supply our needs for gasoline, lubricants, heating as well as numerous by-products of petroleum including plastics. Oil and Gas asset and maintenance managers are also tasked with avoiding environmental disasters into our nation’s waterways and ecosystems. Good maintenance is not an option it is a must for the Oil and Gas Industry. One tool that can help oil and gas maintenance programs is EAMCMMS software.
The asset database is used to record all maintenance activity so that oil and gas management can ensure proper maintenance is being done on a timely basis. The asset database can also be used to set system-wide standard operating procedures as well as be used as a training tool for aging maintenance staff replacements.
Document management allows for oil and gas managers to keep standard operating procedures on file for easy employee access as well as contracts, blueprints, photos and other important attachments that can be retrieved via the web.
Oil and gas facilities can organize work management through the automation of manual processes, proactive preventive maintenance such as inspections or scheduling lubrication of mechanical assets.

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