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Metal and mining safety has come a long way over the last 100 years. Mining assets vary depending on the type and location of the mine but from coal to rare earth mining, good maintenance practices ensure equipment has the most uptime, is operating efficiently and provides safer working environments. For Metal and Mining operations to be profitable and safe, preventive maintenance of assets can be planned, scheduled and recorded using operations management software.
Asset management can benefit mining and metal companies by increasing asset uptime, lowering labor costs, having proactive inspections, and reducing paper flow while increasing energy efficiency.
It is important to maintain a level of safety for miners working on the surface or underground; proper documentation of equipment such as bulldozers, crushers, earthmovers, pumps, etc. will help miners be aware of the condition these assets are in and when contracts are up on said assets.
Performing inspections can identify problems early enough to avoid major repairs. Given the high cost of mining equipment, this can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency repair/replacement and reduce unplanned production downtime.

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Discover how the metal & mining industry can protect their workers and track underground assets with ease using an EAM CMMS system.

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