Manufacturing is one of the most asset-intensive industries. Profitability depends on producing goods at the lowest cost which requires that all asset usage is optimized with minimal unplanned downtime or emergency repairs. From small motors to predictive technology sensing equipment, manufacturing facility managers must be organized, know the maintenance history of each asset and plan inspections and preventive maintenance accordingly.
Managers can setup SOPs (standard operating procedures) within their EAM system which allows staff to know how to perform work on the asset, have faster response times to maintenance issues because there are procedures to follow, and allows assets in multiple facilities to have the same maintenance care applied to them.
Manufacturers have to maintain proper documentation regarding warranties, contracts, safety guidelines, and proper procedures of how their assets work. Document management eliminates the paper-based system by allowing managers to add and view all asset documentation via the web.
Manufacturing asset and maintenance managers can set up inspections and preventive maintenance for assets and activities such as small motors, power generators, belts, HVAC, vibration analysis, and robotic inspection and repair.

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