Laundry is an integral part of operations on any full-service hotel and organizations that provide these needed outsourced services. The assets used to perform laundry are all energy intensive. All of these assets need constant maintenance to operate with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Keeping laundry equipment in optimal working condition with EAM-CMMS software will help minimize energy consumption thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint as well as keep assets in working order for longer periods of time.
It’s important to understand the lifecycle of your assets. Asset management allows laundry owners to gain details on service contracts, warranties, and replacement intervals for their machines. This allows managers to plan and perform preventive maintenance routines on their assets.
Document management allows managers to view and edit attachments associated with assets such as laundry units; managers and engineers can add expiration dates to attached documents for easy reference and allow new hires to get up to speed quickly on said assets.
Laundry management can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets such as hard and soft mount washers, plumbing, towel folders, washer extractors, and feeders.

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Discover how the laundry industry is managing their assets with an EAM CMMS system and ways to determine each asset’s true lifecycle.

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