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One of the choices Hotels and Resorts make is how much to spend on maintenance versus property improvements. Hotel and Resorts look for a way to balance going green, controlling labor costs and maintaining a safe environment for their guests against cosmetic changes. The choice is easier now that maintenance and asset management includes tools that enable maintenance staff to accomplish more with the same amount of resources and at the same time lengthen the useful life cycle of hotel and resorts assets.
Collect custom information for every asset type at your property. Completely customizable and ready to view on your mobile device. This allows engineers to work in the field quickly, access the assets properly, and add notes as needed to all assets.
Hotel/resort managers can use document management to view contracts, warranties, evaluations, certifications, schematics, and test results of all assets on their property. This will also show when contracts are going to expire within 60 days.
Hotels can track and manage all types of work being performed on their property. These include work requests, preventive maintenance, scheduled inspections, unscheduled inspections, lockout tagout safety procedures, and life-safety.
Two types of reports that are extremely helpful to hotels & resorts are drill-down reporting and above-property reporting. Drill-down reporting allows owners to see their property on a single dashboard accessing RPM compliance i.e. completion marks in a quarter. Above-property reporting shows owners RPM & EPM completion reports i.e. number of rooms barcoded or completion rate by a quarter.
Hotels/Resorts can use the expenditures application to plan, forecast, and budget for their current year and future year expenses. Owners can view requests from other departments and approve, deny, or request more information pertaining to that specific request.

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