Homeowners Association

When you think of a Homeowners Association (HOA) you might think of code enforcement, security, or annual fees. However, many HOAs are responsible for common areas such as conservation areas, playgrounds, sport or exercise facilities, street lights as well as golf courses. Maintaining common areas or other facilities with an operations management software will help resale values as well as lower liability claims from accidents.
The Homeowners Association has a number of items to keep track of on a daily basis, such as street lights, playgrounds, conservation area, and exercise facilities. It is important to know all your assets to make sure their functionality is operating at its peak and if repairs/replacements need to take place they are reported and in production.
Homeowner Associations usually have local and government restrictions which could be hard to document without a proper system. Document management allows HOA officials to document all licenses, contracts, and restriction documentation for easy access.
HOA assets can be managed all within a CMMS system including grounds keeping equipment, pools, HVAC units, and roofs. These assets can then be scheduled for preventive maintenance, inspections or work orders to maintain optimum functionality.

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