Facilities Management

Facilities can range from a professional park to a multi-story building. Each type of facility although unique needs continual maintenance on unseen assets or from work requests from tenants. In addition, commercial buildings account for over 50% of all energy usage making sure assets are properly maintained keeping occupants happy and safe. With thousands of assets, the challenge for building and facility asset managers is to make sure the work order management process is automated and that the maintenance process is as organized as possible. Operations management software is one of the best tools facility managers can have at their disposal.
Building and facilities management have the ability to automate work requests and work orders, set up inspections for known or suspected problem areas, and automatically assign work to engineers closest to the issue.
Facility managers can organize their documents by creating folders for blueprints, contracts, warranties, manuals, and photos of assets. This allows a quick way to reference records for engineers and new hires to stay on top of proper asset maintenance.
Building and facilities management can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for facility assets such as elevators, lighting, safety equipment, and boilers.
Facility managers can plan, budget, and forecast for the current and future years to see where money can be allocated throughout the facility including repairs or replacements for assets like HVAC units.

Facilities Management Blog Posts

Learn how facilities are implementing EAM CMMS systems into their facilities to manage their assets, protect their employees, speed up productivity, and increase revenue while decreasing unnecessary costs.

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