Data Center

The success of a Data Center can be directly correlated to its ability to be in operation 24/7/365. In order to accomplish this feat, Data Centers must have reliable, well-maintained assets. Unplanned downtime is a Data Center’s worst nightmare as far as their customers are concerned. This makes the need for exceptional preventive maintenance and inspections critical for identifying problems early as well as making minor repairs or adjustments to keep assets operating.
Data centers contain high dollar assets that need to be maintained in cool areas for asset protection. Having the ability to understand the lifecycle of a single data center can save facilities thousands of dollars by capturing asset information and keeping assets in prime condition.
Data centers can add, view, and manage documents regarding warranties and contracts on their assets allowing facility owners to see when their contracts expire and the documentation they need for renewal.
Data center assets and maintenance managers can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets and activities such as security equipment, UPS systems, networking equipment, and HVAC.

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