Telephone, cable, broadcasting, and internet companies make up most of the communications industry. Without reliable communications, most businesses would come to a standstill very quickly. Keeping the communications industry’s assets in good working order is important to everyone. Although each segment of the communication industry has different maintenance needs, they all have a need to keep assets operating with the fewest amount of downtime or unplanned maintenance.
The telecommunications network requires constant monitoring, inspections, and maintenance of their assets. An EAM system allows assets that are spread out over huge geographical areas to be monitored and evaluated for peak efficiency quickly.
Document management allows telecommunication vendors to view or access particular asset details including vendor name, terms of engagement, contract details, and contact information. In addition, any scannable document can be loaded including blueprints or photos.
Work order management allows telecommunications vendors the ability to perform preventive maintenance, inspections, and work orders on all assets at their facility. This process enhances the lifecycle of assets and also reduces labor costs.
Telecommunication owners can access management reports to identify maintenance or group trends indicating system-wide issues. These analysis reports can provide excellent data for cost-benefit decisions and help with capital budgeting for current and future years.

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