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Many Churches and Religious Institutions are similar to municipal governments. Church assets may include schools, buildings, real estate, sports facilities, parks and they may be spread out over large tracts of land or in multiple locations. Asset management has become very important for Churches and Religious Institutions as they struggle to know where all their assets are and in what condition they are in. With many Institutions, the aging of assets has put good preventive maintenance practices at the forefront of the war on lowering operating cost. An EAM CMMS software solution can help Churches and Religious Institutions have better asset and maintenance management.
Churches and religious institutions have high dollar assets that need to be evaluated and maintained on a continuous basis. It’s important to understand the life cycle of each asset to be able to increase energy efficiencies, lower maintenance labor costs, and do better capital analysis for budget planning.
Document management allows for churches to have a record of all licenses and warranties on the property itself as well as the assets of the institution. This helps for future permitting and warranty expiration dates.
Churches and religious institutions can set up inspections, preventive maintenance, and maintenance schedules for assets and activities such as: churches, HVAC, roofs, lighting, and church vehicles.

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