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The cable industry offers a variety of services that is expanding every year. Cable MSOs offer internet, video, telephone and wireless services to subscribers. With these services there is a great deal of customer premise equipment (CPE) and infrastructure that must be maintained. Providing uninterrupted service across large geographical areas requires constant inspection of critical assets as well as preventive maintenance.
Cable companies are able to see the complete lifecycle management of their assets by accurately reflecting CPE through its physical location. Cable facilities can also access and update financial applications, billing systems, and system of record for all assets.
Cable facilities have the ability to track their inventory by site, status, and location. This allows cable companies to know where their products are in the delivery process and when customers should expect them. This gives visibility to all levels of the company as well as all stages of the delivery process.
Cable companies can use the TRMobile Inventory app to track quantities and movements of inventory items. Primary transactions include shipping, receiving, updating, allocating, and inventory adjustments. This again reinforces a visibility between the facility and consumer reducing the risk of lost or stolen items.
Cable facilities can view reports allowing them to see transaction numbers, last processed, status, reference number, and location of where assets are scheduled to be delivered. These items allow the owners to know where their products are going and again visibility to how much inventory they have going in & out of their warehouse.

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