We know Telecom like the back of our hand

Transcendent provides the telecom industry’s most comprehensive inventory, distribution, and logistics software solution, enabling process optimization from warehouse to customer. Our software is trusted by industry juggernauts and over 33,000 users.

We provide visibility to over $42 billion
in Telecom inventory.

Our distribution and logistics solution was built from the ground up specifically for telecommunications operations, and for 20 years we have delivered unmatched value to the worlds leading providers. From inventory management, inventory integrations, and order management to product lifecycle management, retail solutions, and insights, Transcendent has you covered.

Inventory Management

Transcendent ensures cable companies know the location, status, and condition of their inventory at all times. By providing visibility into all stages of the delivery process, Transcendent helps cable companies make smart decisions quickly.


Inventory Integrations

From billing systems to third-party logistics providers to enterprise finance solutions, our telecom D&L solution integrates with key enterprise software, eliminating duplicative work and ensuring a single source of truth.

Order Management

Transcendent provides visibility so your customers can order it. From orders to 3PL partners to orders between customer warehouses, to orders by customers, our ordering solutions ensures the right inventory gets to the right point at the right time.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our D&L solution enables cable companies to easily match product features with the needs of the customer. Our solution supports inventory grouping, distributor to part mapping, alternate SKU naming, and inventory tagging.

Retail Solutions

Transcendent allows your retail teams to spend their time selling instead of managing inventory. Inventory receipts, physical inventory reconciliations, inventory cycle counts, and integrations for sales & returns empower your retail users.


Anticipate problems and increase efficiency with your new operations management hub. With Insights, you can view your entire D&L operation in real-time, automatically receive alerts and decision recommendations, and track key performance metrics. 

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