We are your Mission Critical EAM Solution

Transcendent EAM helps you increase the lifespan of critical assets while keeping costs under control.

Every industry is unique and has its own set of challenges 

Some industries focus on the production of goods, others may focus on client satisfaction. Regardless of the industry that you are in two things remain constant. The first is keeping assets in the best operating condition possible and the second is keeping operating expenses under control. An EAM CMMS software solution helps asset and maintenance managers accomplish both goals by organizing assets, being proactive in maintenance, and tracking all asset information for long-term planning.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Transcendent’s robust solution, enhanced through world-class customer service, provides me visibility into the unknown – into data that would otherwise be invisible – and makes it actionable…

Dave Bishop

Corporate Director of Capital Projects, Atrium Hospitality

Transcendent saves time for corporate oversight, providing asset managers and regional executives with the data and insights that they need to make smart decisions quickly.

Scot Cameron

VP of Capital Assets, Concord Hospitality Enterprises

Transcendent provides my organization with the accountability, data, and visibility needed to maintain, track, and extend the lives of our assets, saving us significant time and money. Furthermore, the platform’s expenditures module and capital planning tools enable us to intelligently plan and prepare for our future.

Chris Hohweiler

Senior Director of Facilities, Concord Hospitality Enterprises