We learned from the biggest and the best

For 20+ years, Transcendent has partnered with the world’s largest hotel enterprises to provide a cost-effective, innovative, and global asset and maintenance management platform delivers high ROI solutions at the speed of business.

Our expertise stems from our global footprint in hospitality and 20+ years of serving hotels.

Transcendent work performance dashboard for hotels

Our feature depth and customization options are influenced by and designed specifically for the hospitality industry. 

We have always prided ourselves in learning from end-users and immersing ourselves in our customers’ day-to-day operation to build products that increase efficiencies and automate manual processes. Within the hospitality industry, we have spent 20+ years gathering feedback from a wide variety of customers and stakeholders on what hotels need and incorporating that feedback into our software and service. Our technology was designed specifically with hotels in mind.

If you’re wearing socks, we’ll knock them off.