20+ years of features that go deep. Real deep.

Transcendent recognizes that every property and asset is unique. So we developed a highly sophisticated and feature-rich EAM platform with the flexibility to adapt to a wide-variety of processes, standards, and needs. 

Transcendent EAM mobile maintenance inspections

Each of Your Assets are Different. Shouldn’t Your Inspections Be?

Each work order in the Transcendent system is tailor-made for the specific property and asset in question. Our platform’s customization options, and intelligent logic ensures that your engineers skip the irrelevant questions and get straight to what’s important.

Transcendent mobile hotel room inspection work flow diagram


Use Rich Data to Automate Workflows

Unlike many out-of-the-box solutions, Transcendent has been designed with hotels in mind. Quickly evaluate and compare all your hotel property performance metrics and drill down into any metric with just a click. Give your team the platform that gives full control of Asset and Preventive Maintenance from installation to retirement. 

Transcendent Mobile Work Flow Features with Work Orders and Inspections

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