20+ years of features that go deep. Real deep.

Transcendent recognizes that every property and asset is unique. So we developed a highly sophisticated and feature-rich enterprise asset management software solution and maintenance mobile app with the flexibility to adapt to a wide-variety of processes, standards, and needs. 

Transcendent EAM maintenance mobile app inspection questions

Each of Your Assets are Different. Shouldn’t Your Inspections Be?

Transcendent’s work order management is supported by a plethora of customization options and intelligent logic. Each work order is tailor-made for the specific property and asset in question, allowing your engineers to skip the irrelevant questions and get straight to what’s important.

Conditional dynamic work orders Transcendent maintenance mobile app


Use Rich Data to Automate Workflows

Attribute-driven inspections save your managers time and frustration by letting them manage one task list across across all room and asset types, instead allowing room and asset attributes to dictate which questions are asked. Attribute-driven inspections also save time for engineers as they no longer have to waste previous time answering irrelevant questions. Furthermore, auto-generated work orders provide additional time savings and peace of mind to your facility management team as work orders can be set to auto-generate when inspection questions are answered a certain way. 

Transcendent Maintenance Mobile App - Work Order Inspection Workflow

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