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Transcendent Expenditures allows customers to plan, budget, forecast, and implement capital expenditures. Users have access to different pages within the module allowing them to access the dashboard, planning items for current and future years, and a list of on-going and future projects. Administrators can also break down planning items by amount and costs and projects by budgeted and unbudgeted.

Expenditures Dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick, visual snapshot of planning items broken down by amount and cost and projects broken down into budgeted and unbudgeted items. The graphs will represent the budget year selected by the drop-down menu.

Planning Items Page

Planning items are generated by the expenditure system and are used when creating a project. Planning items can also be created at the property level.

  • Planning Items – Not yet included in the project
  • All Planning Items – All items in the project
  • View Details
  • Create Project

Projects Page

The projects page allows a user to work fully within the project. You can view, edit, defer, create, and include or exclude a budget section.

  • Drop Down Filter – Filter down your list by a specific selection
  • Add Icon – Add or create a new project
  • Arrow Icon – Defer a project
  • Plus or Minus Icon – Include or exclude a project from a budget

Cashflow Budget

The top pane of the cashflow budget page is your upcoming budget year. This table is automatically calculated with the year-end “Ending Escrow Balance” displaying in the next years “Beginning Escrow Balance.”

The bottom pane is your outlook for the next nine years of your financial planning information.

Cashflow Forecast

The budget year pane (top pane) displays a monthly breakout of those line items representing your property’s cashflow.

The outlook pane (bottom pane) displays a yearly breakout of the following eight years from the planning year representing your property’s cashflow for future financial planning.

Expenditures Blog Posts

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