Financial visibility across all properties

Integrate your capital planning processes with your maintenance operations with Transcendent. Our system enables you to leverage the rich data from your maintenance operations to plan, budget, forecast, and implement capital expenditures for up to 10 years in the future. 


Fully-Integrated CapEx Module.

Visit the dashboard for a quick, visual snapshot of budget line items and detailed breakdowns by cost, budgeted vs. unbudgeted items, and requested, approved, and implemented projects. Quickly and easily derive valuable insights on each budget year.  

Data-Driven Capital Planning

Informed with intricate data on your assets’ most important attributes, our platform enables your hotel enterprise to:

  • Make smarter capital planning decisions
  • Implement timely capital expenditures while avoiding unnecessary ones
  • View detailed cost breakdowns
  • Manage a list of on-going and future projects, budgeted and unbudgeted 
  • Create more accurate budgets and forecasts
  • Monitor and manage your cashflow budget and forecasts over a 10-year horizon

See it for yourself.