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Track and protect your assets and documents

Our enterprise asset management (EAM) software allows you to easily track and monitor your assets from a single dashboard, ensuring their optimal performance. Blueprints, contracts, warranties, manuals, and photos are digitally linked to the corresponding asset.

  • NAsset Management
  • NAsset Analytics
  • NDocument Reporting
  • NComparison Reports
  • NDocument Linking
  • NExpiration Warnings
  • NEnterprise Visibility
  • NCapital Planning Integration
Hotel HVAC Maintenance
CMMS Work Order Dashboard

A single dashboard to manage your maintenance operations

Our fully-integrated computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) enables you to customize and schedule work orders, assign work to engineers, and oversee and manage your maintenance operations from a single dashboard.

  • NWork Order Management
  • NPreventive Maintenance
  • NCustomizable Rounds
  • NDynamic Task Lists
  • NScalable Standards
  • NLife-safety
  • NAuto Follow-ups
  • NEnterprise Visibility

Ensure safety and accountability

QR Code Scanning through our iOS and Android-enabled mobile app enables easy access to asset and work list information as well as workforce accountability via proof of presence. Built-in Lockout Tagout procedures keep engineers safe.
  • NProof of Presence
  • NScan & Search
  • NEnterprise Visibility
  • NMobile Management
  • NiOS & Android
HVAC Asset QR code scanning

Uncover maintenance and labor gaps with in-depth reporting

Enterprise-, portfolio-, and property-level reporting help you to intelligently manage your maintenance organization.

  • NAsset Condition
  • NSet-up History
  • NWork Order History
  • NEnterprise Visibility
  • NParts Needed
  • NDocument Tracking
  • NAsset Protection
  • NBusiness Intelligence

Capital planning and budgeting – all in one place

Make sound financial decisions for your property by analyzing data and trends. Easily plan, budget, forecast, and implement capital expenditures faster and more accurately than ever.

  • NBudgeting
  • NForecasting
  • NEnterprise Visibility
  • NProject Planning
  • NExpenditures
  • NMulti-currency
Hotel Capital Expenditure Planning

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Transcendent’s robust solution, enhanced through world-class customer service, provides me visibility into the unknown – into data that would otherwise be invisible – and makes it actionable…

Dave Bishop

Corporate Director of Capital Projects, Atrium Hospitality

Transcendent saves time for corporate oversight, providing asset managers and regional executives with the data and insights that they need to make smart decisions quickly.

Scot Cameron

VP of Capital Assets, Concord Hospitality Enterprises

Transcendent provides my organization with the accountability, data, and visibility needed to maintain, track, and extend the lives of our assets, saving us significant time and money. Furthermore, the platform’s expenditures module and capital planning tools enable us to intelligently plan and prepare for our future.

Chris Hohweiler

Senior Director of Facilities, Concord Hospitality Enterprises

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Benefits for All Property Management Operations,
Big and Small.

Fewer Repairs & Breakdowns

Ensure that your assets are operating at peak performance while reducing the frequency of costly breakdowns. 

Optimize hotel maintenance

Higher Return on Assets

Avoid shutdowns and excess maintenance operations while minimizing downtime and optimize maintenance operations. 

Hotel maintenance team accountability icon

More Accountability

Assign work orders, track team performance, ensure proof of presence, and impove work order accuracy by reducing costly errors.

Life Safety Visibility

Increased Safety

Improve guest and employee safety by maintaining assets with proper care and frequency.

Our features and expertise go deeper than the other guys
CMMS Asset management feature depth icon

Feature Depth

From work orders to assets, each item in the system can be fully customized with rich data and automated workflows, dramatically improving the efficiency and reliability of your maintenance org.

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Customize your properties’ asset management and maintenance operations according to your enterprise standards. Easily scale your configuration across all of your regions and properties.

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Hotel Expertise

For 20+ years, Transcendent has partnered with the world’s largest hotel enterprises to provide cost-effective, innovative, and scalable EAM / CMMS software. Our product, support, and success teams reflect that expertise.

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World-Class Customer Service

Transcendent pride’s itself in our world-class customer service. You will find that we are agile and highly responsive. We ensure your organization’s success by treating each customer with curiosity and care.

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