Cloud-Based Solution

Transcendent® is a cloud-based solution allowing users to enjoy access to their inventory and assets from their internet connected device. Cloud-computing is cost-effective and efficient for both the service provider and the customer. It ensures hassle free management, easy maintenance and comprehensive security for business resources.

Cloud-Based Solution Benefits

  • Latest Version & Application – With SaaS & PaaS, the latest versions of the applications need to run your business are made available to users as soon as they’re released. Immediate upgrades put new features and functionality into worker’s hands faster making them more productive.
  • Reduce IT Costs – Cloud computing allows companies to reduce the size of their data centers and in doing so can significantly reduce IT costs and rely more on the service provider for these types of needs.
  • Improved Mobility – Users can access facility and warehouse data from their smart phone or tablet allowing workers to be on the move completing work faster and more efficiently.
  • Productivity – Share documents with other users, work on assets and inventory and save for later, and reduce data loss as data is stored within the cloud.
  • Cost Effective – Cloud computing is typically more cost effective than self-hosted solutions as the capital expenses for infrastructure and the operating expenses for management impact limit the implementation of new software solutions.

Cable Inventory Management Blog Posts

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