How stable is your CMMS software vendor? How are they surviving one of the worst economic recessions in our lifetimes? When selecting your CMMS software provider, it is critical that they be around long enough to support their product through the years to come.

CMMS software is the heart of better maintenance managementorganizations. It enables facilities to operate more efficiently, at lower costs and most importantly helps your organization meet the growing challenges of today’s marketplace.

Mintek Makes Software Magazine’s List of Largest Software Companies

Software Magazine recently ranked Mintek as one of the 500 largest software and service providers. We are very proud of this accomplishment as the keys for our long term growth and stability for government, property management, sports stadiums, utilities and amusement park facilities include:

  • Over 20 years of providing a quality software and service for facility management.
  • Outstanding technical service support from a staff that has over 100 combined years of expertise.
  • The ability to adapt our product to the needs of facility managers such as;
    • Adjusting to your workflow to streamline operations maintenance procedures through automation and proactive maintenance scheduling tools.
    • Customizing reports to provide relevant and useful information on maintenance activities.
    • Adding new CMMS features to meet the ever changing needs of the facilities management.
    • The integration of handheld devices to increase CMMS mobility.
    • The expansion of core CMMS functions to include true enterprise asset management (EAM) tools such as document handling, capital budget planning as well as asset lifecycle management from planning to retirement.

Our experience and commitment to excellence has helped us grow over 26% during these tough economic times. It is this growth that placed Mintek on Software Magazine’s list of the 500 largest software and service companies and gives you the confidence that Mintek will around for many years.

Why Our Growth is Important to Facilities Asset Management

If your CMMS vendor goes out of business today, what will be the impact on your facility maintenance operations? Where will you go for technical support and how will you adapt to changes in the marketplace? Therefore it is critical that your software vendor demonstrate that they are a solid, profitable and growing business entity.

Mintek’s Transcendent® can help your facilities add enough to the bottom line for your organization to stay competitive in today’s market. We will be here today, tomorrow and years from now because we are dedicated to bringing you the best product available to meet your facility needs.

We thank all of our clients for their support and business as well as Software Magazine for recognizing our efforts.

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